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February, 15

Feb, 2 - Was just about to leave Crunch gym on Lafayette when my roommate and I spotted a chubby Jared Leto working out with a trainer. Looked like we were the only ones that recognized him under those 20 lbs he’s put on for his new role. I did my gawker stalking duty and stuck around for a couple more reps . From my brief observations of his training sessions, he seemed fairly normal and not obnoxious. Hopefully those sessions at Crunch will get him back to his hot Alexander figure sans eyeliner. And I’m sure I’ll be much more motivated to go the gym now..

...Ended up in the same elevator with Colin Farrell at Barneys this Saturday (Feb. 11th). He was with a couple of scruffy looking guys I didn’t recognize and they were going up to the 9th floor restaurant for lunch, I presume.

Friday (2/10) literally ran into Jonathan Rhys Meyers crossing the street at 55th and 7th. Sexily clad in well fitted jeans and a ratty yet ok-if-he’s-wearing-it green hoody. Looked very determined to get where he was going, almost model-like in an “I’m very intense and very hot” kind of way. Immediately recognizable, and I believe I did get a half-smile out of him, that was until my partner-in-crime practically stopped in the middle of the intersection to gawk. 20 minutes later, we were still talking about how amazingly good he looked.

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Here some Colin photos made by different people during the New World shooting (this will be my first set o Colin's photos, more will come).
Colin, we love you and we need you by our sides, please, take care of yourself better than you did earlier. Kisses for you from all of us, right friends? ;)

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it seems like someone wanna make me mad today - Jared and Lohan, and now Colin and Scarla!

Colin Farrell says :: "It's cool
to wear your scarf
underneath your wifebeater!"

[Director Neil Jordan's] recruited Colin Farrell and Scarlett Johansson for Borgia, which chronicles the power struggles of the most powerful family in 15th Century Rome. Expect betrayal, murder and politics as the conflicted family battles to see who will replace the Pope, who dies as the story opens. Johansson will play Lucrezia Borgia, a woman struggling to balance obligation and the search for love. Farrell's signed up as Cesare, her crafty brother.
That's right, folks. Actor Colin Farrell is making waves in the fashion world for starting the "wear your scarf underneath your wifebeater" trend. Make note of it, Colin Farrell was the first! And here's a response to the inquiring minds asking, "What do Colin Farrell's tattoos mean?" His largest tattoo on his right shoulder and arm have the letters "EIRE" on it, which is the gaelic word for Ireland. The tattoo on Colin Farrell's inner left forearm originally said "with my girl" but after his divorce from actress Ameilia Warner, he covered it with a cross. Colin Farrell's last and newest tattoo is on his chest, just above his heart and reads "I love no matter."

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