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2009-05-17 11:27 pm

Just a question

Anyone needs Angels and Demons soundtrack?
I saw this movie today and I really-really like it!
Tom Hanks - amazing actor, i love him
Ayelet Zurer - oh, such a sweet girl and i must say i really liked her, good actress
Ewan McGregor - oh, Ewan, you are gorgeous hot bastard as usual :D (someone write me a drabble Ewan/Jensen :D)
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2009-05-01 10:29 pm


Here is my account - sacrament
Just joined so no posts yet but... :)
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2009-04-26 07:54 pm

A little bit of happiness

THANK YOU SO MUCH! - I want to say to Karen. I hardly know this girl, spoke to her few times but i can say already - she's an angel :) I don’t have enough words to tell her how much I appreciate what she's done to me. When I saw all these treasures I’ve lost my voice and can only smile like crazy from happiness. I’ve expected CDs and Aldis’s auto but I totally didn’t expect to see my name on CDs with sweet words from Jason and Steve, and Jen’s voice on J&J… and the t-shirt… T-shirt….what can I say? It’s a real-real treasure – so many autos and especially from Jay and Misha and Aldis (Alona – Jo was so-so, but Alona is so sweet and Malik – Henricksen is cool and Richard – Trickster rocks! - I love them too!!!) it was really unexpected. She didn’t tell me anything and can you imagine how I feel when I saw all of this? I was silent a bit then I squeed and laughed like crazy from happiness.
And cards are so cool - i like cards and collect them :)
Thank you, thank you, thank you, Karen – you’re a real angel and just a big-heart girl!
I know for many of you it's just the simple things, and I can understand you - to see them and speak with them - this is a real thing, but for me it's only a dream and always will be. So these little things just make me a little bit happier...

Cds with autos for me from Jason and Steve
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
My puppies :D and t-shirt with autographs of Jared, Misha, Aldis, Malik, Richard and Alona
Cool cards :)
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2009-03-23 08:04 pm
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2009-03-22 02:30 pm

My Bloody Valentine pre-order

Now you can pre-order My Bloody Valentine from amazon

For My Bloody Valentine 3D [Blu-ray] (2009) - go HERE

For My Bloody Valentine 3D (2009) - go HERE
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2009-03-13 09:31 pm
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2009-03-06 01:17 am
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2009-03-01 02:05 am
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2009-02-27 12:13 am
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2009-02-25 09:12 pm
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2009-02-24 11:10 pm

CW Signals It’s Sticking Around by Renewing 6 Series

In the clearest sign yet that The CW will live to fight another season, the network has given early renewals to a half-dozen existing series, including Superman drama “Smallville.”

The CW President Dawn Ostroff began telephoning executives at Warner Bros. Television and CBS Paramount Network Television about the decision Tuesday morning. The network could announce the news as early as this afternoon.

In addition to “Smallville,” the series renewed for next season are “Gossip Girl,” “90210,” “America’s Next Top Model” (cycles 13 and 14), “One Tree Hill” and “Supernatural.”

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2009-02-22 12:39 am

Makin' the Mess

Makin a Mess
By : Royal Hunt

I was raised in a faraway land
Tryin' to be number one
Dad use to tell me - "Whatever you do
never let go 'til you're done"
I was fightin' as anyone
I was twisted around
I was broke just as anyone
On the way - way down

Never ever settle for less
Raise you hand it's to kill or to bless
Never ever settle for less
Who needs a crown when your head's on the ground
Let me out I'm just makin' a mess

Chip on my shoulder and look on my face
Changin' my life on the fly
Too late to make it and too late to stop
Too late to figure out why
I can make you as anyone
I can twist around
I can break you as anyone
on the way - way down

The wind of sadness can shade the heart of gold
I'm gonna leave it all behind
I'm prayin' for a break - if I could face the world
Without sadness on my mind

Download -
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2009-02-20 11:36 pm

1000 miles away

i'm in love with this music

1000 Miles Away

The echo of "goodbye" got poisoned by the lie:
"I'll never let you go"
The shadow of your smile is gone, I wonder why
But now I'll never know
Let the river flow to the place where sorrow grows
No, I just can't let you go!

1000 miles away - can you hear me calling when I see you cry
1000 miles away - wasted days are passing by
You're 1000 miles away

Another day, another place, another scar across my face
At least it's something new
You've disappeared - I'm left behind, about to lose my mind
I had my faith in you
Let the river flow to the place which I will never know
No, I just can't let you go

1000 miles away - can you hear me calling when I see you cry
1000 miles away - wasted days are passing by
1000 miles away - while the sun is shining river's running dry
1000 miles away - I never cared to say goodbye

Download if you want -
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2009-02-18 11:20 pm
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2009-02-18 10:58 pm
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2009-02-14 08:23 pm

Actor for 4.18

Actor for 4.18
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2009-02-08 11:56 pm

Loveline guests

Upcoming Guests
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2009-02-08 11:07 pm
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2009-02-08 09:20 pm